Certification in Orthopedic Massage with Whitney Lowe

Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate

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This program is an innovative, comprehensive massage continuing education program in advanced, science-based clinical and orthopedic massage, personally taught by the highly regarded massage educator, Whitney Lowe.

Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Certification provides you with the credentials that your clients appreciate, as well as the confidence to pursue the type of treatment that clients are seeking most these days. Whitney’s dynamic online courses feature progressive, quality instructional design and technology that significantly improve your learning outcomes. The robust and capable course platform allows Lowe to employ educational methods and activities that ensure you not only retain the education, but have learned critical aspects of clinical thinking and problem-solving.

Whitney’s skilled, but accessible, teaching and advanced educational methods, along with his extensive expertise and history in treating pain and injuries with soft-tissue and massage techniques, all work to help you achieve more efficient and greater results for your clients.


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